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Capolino Chandelier

A 15th century Japanese painting of a graceful white chrysanthemum was the inspiration for Charles Loomis's Capolino Chandelier. The flower's graceful petals and relaxed formality motivated him to incorporate these elements into his design.

Unlit, this gorgeous chandelier captures ambient light and sparkles. Illuminated, it is a wonderment. It comes alive with the fire of fine cut crystal. Hand Blown and textured Turrentine glass diffusers add a hint of modernity.

Capolino is a truly elegant, traditionally formal Chandelier for dining rooms, entrances or wherever you want a focal point. Its graceful classic design compliments Traditional, Contemporary, and Eclectic decors.

Capolino, Italian for "flower head", embraces the refined elegance of the ancient Japanese chrysanthemum painting, lots of Italian style, and a unique Charles Loomis look. Charles has designed a beautiful international chandelier for the entire world to enjoy.

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